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I've loved every minute of my curly hair journey

How it all started.....

  After years and years of frizzy hair and bad haircuts I finally had my "aha" moment whilst looking for a new salon to call home. I had found a salon that specialized in curly hair! These exist, I thought to myself... While I worked for this salon I learned the basics of cutting and colouring curly hair. That was just not enough for me, I wanted to learn more. That's when I went to the Devachan salon in New York for my first round of curly hair training.
  After a time I realized I wanted be able to offer more to my clients. I opened up my own curly hair salon in downtown Toronto. I owned and operated my curly hair salon, Aphrodite's Sanctuary for 4 years before I sold it to the current owner. I am extremely lucky to have amazing reviews from BlogTO and of course my faithful clients.
  Once I sold my salon I came to Barrie where I worked for a local salon for about a year doing my curly hair thing. I am now happily working out of my home here in Barrie, and I hope to see you and your curls soon :)