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I have to say, you did such an amazing job with everyone's hair and it was a pleasure working with you and having you along on our wedding day. You are so wonderful and you do such a fabulous job. My mom was in love with her hair, as were the bridesmaids. No one's hair fell out or any other issues... It was great! I was so happy I put my hair up, the humidity was killer and it would have been a disaster had I put it down. I loved it so much too! Based on the photos we've seen so far I've loved everything about it, thank you so much. I will for sure keep your contact info for future friends weddings because you are just so great!

Jenessa-Bride July 2016

My daughter has gorgeous ringlets and I never knew how to help her get the most of her style. My hair is pin straight. I didn't know how to get this frizz to turn to ringlets. Nadine showed her how to get back her natural curls and taught her to love her hair. She will never let anyone else cut her hair. We love Nadine. She knows curls.

Tina P - Client since 2009

Thanks for the great cut and colour last week, I am getting many compliments. I am happy you have your own salon now :) 

Kathryn- Client since 2015

Nadine is an amazing stylist with a great knowledge base for working with all types of hair. Not only did she save me from a bad haircut back in 2012(took a few months to recover but she did a great job) but she taught me how to care for and style my curly hair so I learned to love it instead of just tying it back! She's also great with colour and uses excellent quality products. I highly recommend her. 
Tanya - Client since 2012!!
Nadine is the BOMB!! I'm a curly girl who wants straight, sleek, smooth. Nadine always listens and understands and gives me results I love from Keratin to Olaplex, to cuts and colour. She is one of a kind!! So lucky to have her as my hair guru :)

Tina - Client since 2015

My children were both blessed with curly hair yet very different textures. Since finding Nadine a year ago we have seen the health and condition of their hair improve immensely! My 12 yr old daughter is now knowing how to care for her own hair; as she has been given hair care lessons from Nadine. I highly recommend Nadine to care for your hair if it is curly! My hair is very straight and fine and she recently did the most amazing color hi-lite cut and style. I honestly feel that Nadine's immense knowledge and passion makes her one of the best stylists BARRIE and GTA have to offer

Kim - Client since 2015

Nadine is a TREAT a PLEASURE to work with as well as an AMAZING hairstylist! I am a hairstylist with curly hair and she taught me how to LOVE my curls. I will always have a special place in my heart and CURLS for this wonderful lady!!!!

Tina M - Client since 2015

Thank you so much for the fantastic haircut. I love it. It's great to have you back & my nice haircuts again. Nobody does hair like you, you're the best :)

Sandra - Client since 2015

Nadine has been a life-saver for me! I have insanely curly hair and it's been so hard trying to find a hairdresser who can give me a good cut and style. Many of them have not been sure what to do with my hair. So when I found Nadine, I realized that I had found a hairdresser who knew exactly how to cut and style curly hair! She did exactly what I wanted. I learned so much from her about styling my hair too, which was a bonus. Every time she cuts and styles my hair, I'm happy with the results. I won't go to any other hairdresser!

Jocelyn - Client since 2015

Hey everyone, I have been visiting Nadine for years! I actually live in Toronto and drive to get my hair done in Barrie once she moved her business there!She has been with me from when my hair was literally like straw to the beautiful lush and shiny creation it is now! I would recommend her client centered care to anyone who wants a stylist for life!

Melissa - Client since 2011

I absolutely love my cut and styles since you've been doing it these last 2 years. I never met any stylist who knows curls like you do. You did a great job fixing my cut done elsewhere. I hope you're doing hair for a long time to come, I can't imagine going to anyone else to do my hair & I am picky. Thanks for a wonderful cut and style every time, Nadine!!!  get so many compliments, my friend loves her curls too. She always complain about her hair until you started doing it, it's nice to see her happy & confident with her curls. See you soon.

Sandra - Client since 2015

I am extremely picky with who touches my curls, because I've found regular hairdressers don't know what to do with curly hair. Nadine is the exact opposite! Her training and expertise is obvious, my hair looks amazing. I will now go to no one else but Nadine!

Kelly - Client since 2015

My hair used to be gray at the ends (color gray,not white gray). I was having a lot of difficulties finding a stylist that will make my curls last and it seemed that my hair is not growing at all. Nadine was a new stylist in my hood so my mom and I gave it a try. It took some time but now my hair is luscious, my curls are beautiful and it is longer than it's ever been. She is absolutely amazing and her quiet manner made me feel comfortable when I was in her salon. It took some searching but thanks to Nadine I LOVE my curls and friends are envious of my hair. Thanks Nadine xoxoxo Mariana

Mariana - Client since 2011

Hello, just as I thought that there is no way for somebody to make sense of my hair I found Nadine. Few years later and voila! My hair is healthy, never boring and it is not driving me bonkers. What I like about Nadine is not just that she is really great when it comes to hairstyling but her easy demeanor and no-pressure attitude toward haircare makes the experience of going to the salon relaxing and enjoyable . I will never,ever go to anybody else for my hair. I mean it....she may be further away than she was when I met her but I still go to see her. My hair deserves the best. Nadine is the best :-) Danijela

Danijela  - Client since 2011

Wow, Nadine knows curly hair. I had my first haircut with her today and really enjoyed the experience. Nadine is incredibly knowledgeable about curly hair and listens to your needs. the best part of today, was that I didn't feel the need to go home and restyle my curls, they were perfect, well defined, zero frizz and nice and soft when I left!!! Thank you Nadine!!

Yasmin - Naturopath in Barrie, New Client

I am the highest maintenance person I know, when I was referred to Nadine I was beyond happy. I walk out happy and satisfied each and every time. Nadine is amazing at what she does and I a genuine, lovely women. Nadine thank you for taking great care of my hair!!!

Diana - Client since 2015

My hair is great, I am getting lots of compliments so I guess it was a needed cut after 7 years !!!! And everything you taught me, I can't thank you enough. I have a friend that I have referred to you for her next hair cut too! Because you are so wonderful!!! Thanks again!

Lindsay  - New Client

Nadine is a hair angel who is hardworking, dedicated, trained and professional all the time. Her home salon is clean and comforting. Don't believe any bad reviews about her or her home, some past employers are very vindictive when an amazing stylist leaves the company and all her clients follow. How shameful that a company or individuals of a company would stoop so low as to sabotage a young woman just trying to be successful and support her daughter. I am a long time client who gets everything from colour, cut, olaplex, keratin and even extensions done and have never experienced anything but wonderful from Nadine.

Tina - Client since 2015

I first saw you last October for a cut, and you gave me the best haircut I've ever had - my curls were so happy and healthy, and your tips about creating volume while air drying with fine curly hair = amazing!!

Andrea - Client since 2015

I have had a good hair day literally EVERY DAY since I got my hair cut. :) You are a wizard!

Amber - Client since 2015

I have recently discovered Nadine and wish that I had years ago! I've been doing all the wrong things with my curls for over 30 years... and in 2 haircuts (and lots of tips from Nadine) I love my hair now! It is just so easy to work with and my cuts grow in so nicely. Nadine is a lovely person and I would recommend her to anyone with curly hair!

Darcia - Client since 2016

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